Tuesday, November 1, 2011

First Tier Trash Pit: Tulane University Law School


Tuition: For the 2011-2012 school year, full-time tuition, at this law school, amounts to $40,040. With mandatory fees of $3,644 added in, this figure climbs to $43,684. One will need to earn a big-ass salary, in order to have a shot at making a positive return on this “investment.”

Total Cost of Attendance: According to this same page, the school estimates that living expenses will add another $20,450 to the tab, for the 2011-2012 academic year. For $ome rea$on, these rats and swine forgot to provide a breakdown, or list twelve month living expenses. Regardless, this brings the total, estimated COA - for 2011-2012 - to $64,134.

Seeing that actual law students will pay bills for twelve months - and not nine months - this is a deceptive figure. If we estimate that books will cost $1,000, then total expenses amount to $26,933. This would bring us to a more accurate total estimated COA of $70,167, for 2011-2012. Yes, this school is looking out for its students‘ best interests, right?!?!


Ranking: The cost of admission, at this dung heap, is prohibitive. U.S. “News” & World Report lists this commode as the 47th most prestigious law school in the land. It shares this “honor” with the University of Colorado-Boulder and the University of Florida.


Employment Placement: Tulane Law claims that 88% of its Class of 2010 was employed, within nine months of graduation. Under the Employed sub-heading, you can see that 85% of respondents report working full-time. The commode also notes that 23 percent of graduates are seeking another position. Furthermore, 22% of respondents are employed short-term. In their entirety, these numbers do not exactly inspire confidence - especially when you are paying a small fortune to attend this school.


Average Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average student indebtedness - for those members of the Tulane University Law Sewer Class of 2010 who incurred student debt for law school - as $122,197. The good news is that “only” 82 percent of this unfortunate class took on such toxic debt. This figure does include student debt from undergrad.


Administrator and Faculty Salary Info: Let’s see how well the "educators" are making out, in comparison to the debt-strapped students. We head to page 51 of Tulane University’s 2010 IRS Form 990, for this info. The Tax ID number is 72-0423889, and the school is listed as The Administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund. Who says that “higher education” is for the benefit of the students?!?!

Paul Barron, “Class of 1937 professor of law,” made $286,000 in TOTAL COMPENSATION, for the 2009 tax year. While regurgitating from his same old-ass lectures, Paul “earned” $241,000 in base compensation, $15,000 in “other” compensation; $26,000 in deferred compensation; and $4,000 in nontaxable benefits. Furthermore, the university president, Scott Cowen, raked in $910,000 in TOTAL COMPENSATION - for the same tax year. Lastly, Jeremy Crigler, chief investment officer, made $658,000 in TOTAL COMPENSATION, for 2009. Then again, he is in charge of a fortune.


“Tulane University has hired Jeremy Crigler as chief investment officer. Crigler's primary responsibility will be managing the school's endowment, which recently reached $1 billion.

Crigler, 43, previously served as senior investment officer for Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y, where he was part of a team responsible for developing and implementing investment policies and performance measures for the university's $6 billion endowment. He also managed a team responsible for investing $2.5 billion in public equity, hedge funds and other assets for the university. “

The school merely has an endowment worth over $1 billion. You can see why the school needs to charge an arm, a leg and a butthole – in tuition.


University Drivel:


Non sibi, sed suis, translated as "not for one's self, but for one's own."

With gigantic tuition rates, we can see that the school really practices what it preaches, huh?!


Convicted Murderers Welcome: On September 14, 2011, Elie Mystal reported that Tulane Law has admitted a convicted murderer, named Bruce Reilly, in its first year program. How many people can honestly say that they attended law school, with someone found guilty of murder?!?! Of course, the school doesn’t care – in a true sense - whether this man will pass character & fitness, and be allowed to sit for a bar exam. (The "professors" and administrators might be interested to see Reilly earn a license, in order to be viewed favorably as a law school that took a chance on a convict.)

Conclusion: Tulane University Law Sewer is drastically overpriced. If you absolutely MUST be a lawyer – you can do so at a much lower cost. There is no valid reason to take out an additional $125K-$160K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, for a law degree from borderline first tier school. Keep in mind that there are four law schools located in Louisiana, which has a population estimated at 4.5 million residents. Ask yourself whether it is worth a fortune for a chance to practice law.


  1. Louisiana has fewer people than Brooklyn and Manhattan. I don't think it has even back offices of large corporations. I guess the oil industry needs some attorneys, but besides that, how much of a market is there for lawyers in Louisiana.

    I guess graduates can take the Texas bar. Still, one has to wonder just how many law schools, never mind new law graduates, the Pelican State needs. And, as you point out, Nando, why should anyone take out six-figure debt to get a law degree anywhere, let alone a state like Louisiana.

  2. At first I was like there's no way the average student debt for a Tulane law degree is $122k. No way. I clicked on the link and that's the figure. I wouldn;t take out that much in loans for a fucking Harvard law diploma. Let alone one from this school. It just boggles the mind that anyone would take out such debt for law school. When you consider the glutted job market, it makes you wonder just how stupid these students are.

  3. Louisiana law originates from French Civil Law. The rest of the country's laws come from English Common Law traditions. The main difference being that, in English courts, you wear a white powdered wig; whereas in French courts, you wear a beret and mime makeup.

  4. Paul Barron is a fucking criminal.

    Everyone call and email this stupid fucking pig.

  5. ^care to explain why this professor is a 'criminal'?

  6. Well, technically he's not a "criminal." He's just way, way overpaid. To a ridiculous extent. The status quo is simply indefensible.

  7. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB119040786780835602.html?mod=googlenews_wsj

    From ass-kicking article by Amir Efrati, entitled “Hard Case: Job Market Wanes for U.S. Lawyers,” which appeared in the Wall Street Journal on September 24, 2007:

    “Students entering law school have little way of knowing how tight a job market they might face. The only employment data that many prospective students see comes from school-promoted surveys that provide a far-from-complete portrait of graduate experiences. Tulane University, for example, reports to U.S. News & World Report magazine, which publishes widely watched annual law-school rankings, that its law-school graduates entering the job market in 2005 had a median salary of $135,000. But that is based on a survey that only 24% of that year's graduates completed, and those who did so likely represent the cream of the class, a Tulane official concedes.

    On its Web site, the school currently reports an average starting salary of $96,356 for graduates in private practice but doesn't include what percentage of graduates reported salaries for the survey.”

    Apparently, the school backed off its lofty claims, regarding its recent graduates’ median starting salary. This was back in September 2007! The law schools have continued to lie about their statistics, since that time. Of course, the pigs want to make “transparency” the focus of change.


    Take a look at this list of “illustrious” law journals, at Tulane Univer$ity Law $chool:

    Law & Sexuality: A Review of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Legal Issues
    The Sports Lawyers Journal
    Tulane Environmental Law Journal
    Tulane European & Civil Law Forum
    Tulane Journals of Technology & Intellectual Property
    Tulane Maritime Law Journal

    Legal employers will give up their first-born child, for a chance to hire someone with such “valuable” journal experience, right?!?! Try not to be discouraged when potential employers laugh until tears stream down their face, upon seeing your little resume and cover letter.

  8. I have a relative who practices law in Louisiana. You can't make a whole lot of money practicing law in Louisiana. Your idea of getting paid will sometimes include getting paid in hickory nuts, chickens, hogs, and junk cars. I'm sure that getting stiffed will happen often enough as well. If your debt from law school is $122,197 you might have a hard time paying that off. Most people in Louisiana would have a hard time paying that off.

  9. If you take on such loans in Louisiana at least you're not far from Mexico. If you can't find a job where you can pay off your bills go Mexico way. Fuck this country.

  10. I read somewhere about the convict. It appears that he had sex with a male professor and then butchered him, stole his car and cash and went on the run. Now how on earth did he only get 12 years in prison for that?

  11. I was accepted to Tulane, but I did not go there. The amount of money the professor you mentioned and the president make is obscene. It really makes me angry that these people have no scruples. They obviously do not care that their graduates are modern day indentured servants.

    Fuck them...Fuck the ABA. How can you have liberty, justice, serving others as your stated goals when you are raping other people. I can only imagine how useless and non-relevant the professor's course teaching is, it probably has not changed in the last 50 years or so. We had an older professor that refused to retire, his lectures were terrible, but I guess the tenured law salary was too good to give up, plus he had to only teach three hours a week. These guys need to be working at Goldman Sachs.

    The easy to get government loan policy of allowing students to put themselves in huge debt needs to end. Student loans have not made education more affordable, it has allowed colleges to charge ridiculous amounts of money that they would otherwise not be allowed to get away with. Law schools and other colleges need to have their skin in the game. A modest proposal would be to make colleges extend the credit for half of what the school's charge.

    I hate these fucks for so many reasons. These law schools rape students financially. The education sucks: large classes ensuring good revenue for the schools but crappy teaching quality, irrelevant teaching, little if any practical skills. Law schools have raised tuition every chance they could, even though most law schools are non-profits, they have raised prices at a rate any Fortune 100 company would love to do.

    Their message of liberty, justice, diversity, serving others is completely contrary to the way they operate. One of the biggest pet peeves, after all of this, the requests by the law school for alumni to give donations to the law school and leave them in my will. That will never happen, even if I became a billionaire.

    Their greed, mixed with the message of a higher calling, the way they leave many law graduates screwed, false advertising, the crappy product called a law degree which should be produced easily for a tenth of the price, make me want to vomit.

  12. http://www.law.tulane.edu/tlsabout/index.aspx?id=1138

    Here is a lame-ass message from the dean and “Mitchell Franklin professor of law,” David D. Meyer:

    “A legal education is not simply about preparing to practice law. It is also about learning to think analytically, reason critically, and solve real problems in the real world--skills valuable in life as well as in any professional context. Tulane Law School is one of the oldest law schools in the United States. We value that long legacy and tradition, but we are also always looking forward. We were the first American law school to require pro bono legal service as a graduation requirement, and post-Katrina New Orleans offers our students a rich and inviting environment for meaningful applied experiences.”

    Guess what, David? An average person with a liberal arts education from any of the thousands of American colleges and universities is capable of thinking analytically. Of course, YOU would prefer to believe that one must spend $43,684 per year to develop this skill.


    “Character & Fitness

    All applicants to law school should be aware that in order to practice law, it is necessary to be admitted to a state bar after graduating from law school. Each state bar has character, fitness, and other qualifications for admission. Applicants are advised to research the requirements of the state(s) in which they hope to practice.”

    I suppose this little disclaimer lets you off the hook, when convicted murderer/Tulane first year law student Bruce Reilly is unable to sit for the bar exam, huh?!


    “As a leader in environmental legal education since 1979, Tulane is one of a relatively small number of national law schools offering an environmental law concentration at the JD level and a master's program combining environmental and energy law. Tulane also offers the largest faculty-supervised environmental law clinical program in the country, teaching students not just the theory but also the practice and advocacy skills necessary to address environmental issues.

    The curriculum is based on foundation courses in pollution control, natural resources law, and administrative law. Beyond these basics, advanced offerings include the law of hazardous and solid wastes, land use regulation, international environmental issues and accords, environmental justice, toxic torts, energy law, wetlands and coastal management, wildlife and endangered species protection, and historic preservation and urban issues. Most valued by graduates are the opportunities in many courses to get out into the field and see the conflicting interests at work.”

    Legal and non-law employers could care less if the school has a solid environmental law program. Unless you land a job with Archer Daniels Midland, Shell Oil, or ExxonMobil, you can plan on earning a pittance for your hard work. You simply DO NOT NEED to incur a mountain of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, to become an environmental lawyer.

  13. fucking pigs, unreal. OINK OINK OINK

  14. I'm applying to this school. I just took the lsat. Went to a state school and graduated with a 3.12 grade point avg. in Econ. In preparing for the test I took several old exams and never scored better than 160.

    As it is I can't find a job. WHat am I supposed to do? Become one of those old salesmen selling fridges and washers and dryers at Macys? Going to law school's my best chance at avoiding the life of a Walmart greeter. Seriously does anyone on this site have any real advice and not just general bitching about law schools?

  15. To Anonymous @ 2:46. Yes Yes that's exactly what you're supposed to do.

    In fact, I have classmates who graduated from Law School and are still working at best buy and other places as "retail specialists" who are glad to at least have that job. The same job they had pre-law school.

    If you really are a student who got a 3.12 with an economics major, and regardless of whether you consider that GPA good or bad is irrelevant for the point I'm about to make, then you're a complete fucking moron. No one who even reads a wikipedia entry on economics would make the kind of decision you're making with the evidence presented. I'm guessing you're not really a student though and I shall see you in debtor's hell wishing for the life of a refrigerator salesman you pretentious cocksucker.

    *Sidenote, I'm guessing you work for Tulane, probably in admissions because my school admissions people just trolled the interwebs all day while they collected their welfare check, in which case I'll see you in actual hell.

    1. You structure your sentences horribly, go read a book.

  16. ^After law school, you and others will envy the "the life of a Walmart greeter."

    Go to JD Underground and seek guidance about the legal profession.

  17. Get a masters in economics or take the perquisite undergrad courses in accounting and get the masters in accounting to eventually become a CPA. You will have a better chance to find a job than to get a useless law degree from a mediocre school. Bar exam pass rates are close to 90 percent in most states versus CPA exam pass rates is less than 50 percent. Your parents will be proud to say their son is a lawyer but the chances are you will be an unemployed lawyer.

  18. Econ majors should have a handle on this. It is a shit major but at least those kids look at things from a financial lens. And are risk averse. Hey which law admissions office do you work at again?

  19. I don't think he works for an admissions office.

    That being said, the most clear path before you is not law school. But becoming an accountant like Anonymous said on November 2nd 2011 at 3:20PM. Your economics degree has prepared you somewhat for advanced study in accounting, People don't become accountants to mark time for 3 years so there will be less competition, Mathematics is a true liberal art enabling you to detect people who baffle with bullshit and statistics and it's one seldom studied, and the fun is at least equal to being a lawyer (And perhaps superior, I don't think I've heard of accounts having problems with suicide and alcoholism like lawyers.). If you really love the law, once you become an accountant, you can also work on regulatory stuff that involves money.

  20. Does any prospective law student attend law school in order to pursue entrepreneurship opportunities? Is risk aversion the reason why we want to attend law school in the first place? Do we feel entitled to careers in law because we graduated from a law school and passed the Bar? In the long run, is success in law practice achieved by marketing your services and making yourself relevant to potential clients, your law school pedigree, dominating law firm workplace performance and politics, or _____? Does law school ranking matter for aspiring solo practitioners and entrepreneurs? Is law school ranking more important than proximity to the industry hubs of your chosen area of law practice? Are networking and industry connections less important that high GPAs and law review? Does passion and commitment to your chosen area of law practice matter? If so, do employment statistics 9 months after graduation even really matter? If not, does it make sense to bartend and intern for a 1-2 years after graduation to practice _____ law? In your inner-most core, do you really even want this? Just asking.

    - an aspiring entertainment lawyer following my dream to be a record label owner / music venue owner / band manager / agent / music publisher

  21. Why'd you all chose to go to law school in the first place? The constitution was written by slave owners and wealthy cocksuckers. Blacks, women, most whites (whites not owning land) could not even fucking vote. Uh, who did all the fighting against England? It wasn't only rich whites who fought. Senators were appointed by state legislators (e.g. other rich white cocksuckers). And you guys wanted to take part in the legal profession(!) Okay we get it. The law schools are lying shits. That's been established. The ABA is a blemish on humanity. Check. (I'm agreeing with you on this so far and not being sarcastic). But how do you not blast the institution of law. C'mon, man. You need to blast the law and not just the selfish schools. The whole thing is bullshit. And you guys are concerned with the fucking law schools.

  22. The biggest scam and scum is/are Law Societies and Bar Associations. They, not the law skools, admit an enormous number of graduates into over saturated so-called legal profession. They do so because their well being depends on annual membership fees and annual insurance fees. (The top operatives/managers of these Law Societies and Bar Associations keep their jobs for life and rarely leave). Thus, the more members are "practicing" "law", the more revenue, better pensions, larger benefits, they receive. This legalized extortion re-occurs every 12 months and is essentially a permission to print money. Ideally, they would like to license to "practice" "law" everyone with a driving license and pulse. Unfortunately for them, not everyone wants to "practice" "law". The Law Societies and Bar Associations want as many law skool graduates as possible and the law skools are there to help to achieve this goal.

  23. Tulane is a stink pit. I don't care if they are ranked 47th. Students think this stuff matters. Not much separates a school like this from one ranked 100. That's what you should be focusing on.

  24. Nando, looks like you hit a nerve all they way up to Stanford Law. Check out Campo's blog.

  25. Re: November 3, 2011 11:21 AM


    This is your chance. You should next grill the pigs of Stanford Law School (SLS). No school is exempt from the huge mess they have collectively created in their pursuit of Federal dollars.

    Maybe schools at the top are not as bad as those at the very bottom, at least in terms of employment and career outcomes. But their silence of the current situation imply their tacit approval. They are, therefore, equally culpable and should be treated accordingly. These "top" school could use their influence and "leadership" to provide solutions, but instead choose to remain on the sidelines.

    Here are three links to ATL stories about SLS to get you started:




    I say GRILL THEM ALL. Start the roasting with Stanford Law School.

  26. It ain't the Banjo
    It's the MAN JOE!

    It ain't the tennis racket
    It's how you WACK IT!

    It ain't the skis
    It's all in the knees.

    It ain't the baseball bat at all
    It's the way you hit the ball.

    Blah, blah. But all that aside:

    Let's face it, an education in the US is NOT a trade school, or a learn while you earn situation.

    So learn a trade at least, so as to put food on the table, and do NOT!

    DO NOT. Go into debt for an Education.

    People do not lend out money in the USA out of altruism, or out of care for you; and Eduational Debt is, snake oil, to borrow a phrase.

    As for Mr. Meyer, he is something far less than Wackford Squeers, and a sharp, knowing fellow with a wink and a nod at the banks for sure.

    May God help us all in times such as these.

    And may God help the innocent, American children that take out student loans,in the face of absolute, usury, today, without parental and grandparental guidance.

    Happy Horror Days

  27. 533 is right.
    Keep smashing the first tier, and start hitting the top schools. They definitely know the score.

  28. @11:21 am and 5:33 pm,

    I plan to feature all of these toilets on this blog eventually. The fact is that some graduates from “prestigious” law schools are living at home, with their mother and father. For instance, I know one graduate of NYU Law School, from the Class of 2008, who moved into his parent’s Birmingham, Alabama basement - soon after earning his law degree. Keep in mind that the school is usually ranked in the top five law programs, in the nation.


    "About the Law Library

    The warm wood tones found in the lobby are repeated throughout the Library in the design of the electronic compact shelving and the study carrels found on most floors. The magnificent Reading Room, the focal point of the Library, has a soaring ceiling that allows ample natural light to enter the room during most hours of the day. This room is a favorite gathering spot for students who use it for quiet study and to read/prepare for classes. Located in the center of this room sits a pristine statute of Nathan Hale, which found its new home inside the Reading Room after being moved from the courtyard of the old law school building during our relocation. For more than a decade, law students have adorned this statute with beads during the Mardi Gras season and with other themed items throughout the year. Many traditions that unite the student body today find their origins within the Library.

    There are four group study rooms within the Library that comfortably seat up to ten students. Keys to the study rooms are available for check-out at the Circulation Desk. In addition to many sofas and arm chairs that are found on all levels of the Library, students study at carrels equipped with lamps, power supplies, and laptop connections to access the computer network. There is also wireless access throughout the building and campus, which allow students access to the Law School network and to the Library's electronic resources, including the online catalog, subscription databases, research guides and selected internet resources.”

    This structure takes up four stories, and it only has four group study rooms?!?! I guess that doesn’t matter, since the library features “warm wood tones.” Will this help the commode’s overall ranking, in U.S. “News” & World Report?!?!

  29. Nando,

    Don't let up on these two-face, hypocritical, money-grabbing boomer parasites. Everyone needs to know that law school is financial and career suicide.

  30. Have you done Whittier yet? You have to get this school. Seriously this school was on aba porbation.

  31. @ Nov. 2, 1:30 pm

    If you've got a 3.12 and less than a 160 on the LSAT, the only law schools you're gonna get into will, for the most part, only offer the same job opportunities that you have now unless you're in the top 1% of your class(which is highly unlikely since you probably wont even be in the top 20% of your applicant pool). Truth be told, going to law school in your case may EXACERBATE your problems rather than solve them since you'll be assuming massive debt to enter into a shrinking and increasingly competitive field. Having six-figure debt and working in a part-time or non-legal field entirely is not that much better than being unemployed really.

    Best advice would be to actually learn a marketable skill of value. Law isn't for you.

  32. Fuck Tulane Law School. How can such a shithole charge $43k per year?

  33. ^Easy. The Department of Education keeps extending credit and providing funds to those lemmings that wish to attend this fine institution. So, why not charge 43K, or 50K, or even 70K?

  34. Nando, I thought I would refer you to this story about the latest Seton Hall Law alum to encounter ethical and criminal problems.


    Who the hell teaches ethics at SHY law? The Valvoline Dean must be proud.

  35. Wow, a four-story law library with a magnificent wood-toned Reading Room, awash in natural light due to a soaring ceiling. That might have been a genuine, though minor, point of pride for a law school, prior to the digital age.

    Nowadays, it is just anachronism, and the attempt to create a mystique. All the law students need for research is their easy chair at home, and a subscription to Westlaw Next.

    Law school as we know it ought to be replaced with a bar review type course at the beginning to teach core doctrine fast, followed by sequence of externships and clinics in various practice areas, supervised by local practitioners. No need for law school professors and no need for fancy and expensive law school buildings, even those with "magnificient Reading Rooms."

  36. I looked at a map of my campus's main library and there are 8 group study rooms on each of floors 3 through 6. I think they will each seat 10 people uncomfortably.

    Group study has helped me pass some gnarly classes, According to wikipedia, Nathan Hale also must have helped people pass at Yale, and later as a teacher after college.
    But Have warm wood tones and a Statue of Nathan Hale ever helped anyone pass? If not why mention them?

  37. TTTs advertise shit that doesn't matter. They think it helps attract students. Maybe it does.

  38. In New Orleans last year, we heard first hand accounts of Tulane grads passing the bar and waitressing at a cheap place. Another grad managed a tourist trap food place in the French Quarter-all anecdotal.

    However, with four Louisiana schools, one may wonder why the Bayou State needs another law school. That is right. Louisiana is about to add a 5th law school. Hahaha. You may think this is a sick joke I am making. No. Just see for yourself: http://law.lacollege.edu/

    I am sure Louisiana College will enjoy the tuition revenues.

    Unfortunately, New Orleans is a war zone. Just on Halloween look at how many poor people were killed or shot. May the victims rest in peace.


    . When I was a student two blocks south of the Tulane law school, my email was filled regularly with stories of attacks on students right by campus. Muggings. Shootings. Theft. Non stop violence.

    Louisiana has a very poor economy. Durning the oil "bust," most of the major companies focused to Houston. New Orleans lost the battle to Houston and Atlanta, and there is very little industry left there. The storm just sealed the deal.

    Mostly the city is one big movie set now. Maybe that j.d. will help you land a job as an extra in a B action movie.

  39. WOW--- in recent years thought the quality of lawyers and law school were going to hell. Except for big salaries little else seems to be happening at Tulane law and law schools in general-- and now throw in all the Louisiana lawyers whatever Louisiana law school they attended (Loyola having the most idiot graduates scraping for jobs in metro area). Great article--will be telling my senior friends about it-- and stay the hell out of Louisiana. Not impressed with lawyers in Louisiana at all --- most don't want to take cases if it upsets their uncles, aunts, cousins, in-laws, neighbors, ex- wives/husbands, --- and JUDGES or politicians-- and anyone connected to them professionally or personally who may be of benefit to them presently or futuristically. So even if you have money these guys are reluctant -- and I do have a case! After all, there is lagniappe (French: something free)and in the future anyone of the above may give them a hand out: a special bleacher seat at Mardi Gras/Saints game or a Rex doubloon! In short a bunch of chicken shits -- prostitutes. Civil Rights/ACLU lawyers not exempt. They will take a case if the New Orleans Police Dept (NOPD) personnel (street cops)cause you to lose/injure a body part (or they kill you for the hell of it, represented by some relative) which will probably hit national news anyway so they may as well get on the band wagon.... You will not get legal help if you are run of the mill i.e. distinguished veteran senior citizen who is falsely accused because of the NOPD hooligans, their prejudice,incompetence,ignorance etc.
    The NOPD is allowed to run helter-skelter over citizens because the lawyers in this state are too self serving and/or dumb to challenge their capricious conduct reinforced by the piss poor leadership at the top (all officers over 40 should be forced to retire, charge:simple its failure of leadership. Replacement for leadership purposes (this includes ethics) General Honore, USA (RET) ! The ACLU and Civil Rights lawyers are not going to assist the average citizen injured by the NOPD or any other entity that caused an average citizen a Civil Rights injury. Because I am in the average but injured category I cant get representation -- cant pay for representation. And I do have a case! The NOPD Integrity Investigations unit is a joke. Throw in the complications of the Patriot Act and Homeland Security and the Tulane lawyers and all the other Louisiana lawyers are more than confused.

    Feel better off telling Bill O'Reilly and his FOX posse --- which is where I may go if I cant get some lawyer to assist in my wrongful incarceration (no warrant etc.), damaged reputation. Don't think I am going to get a lawyer in this state and Tulane law clinic --what a joke. During clinic screening seems like you have to be southern poor, uneducated, preferably missing a limb, or brother killed by police to get their attention. This way anything they do for you will be appreciated --and you cant question them (as an educated person may do) because it is free and the clinic workers now have a cause.
    Well that's it, I am tired --did I mention I am a disabled veteran, have about seventeen awards (to you civilians seventeen medals including Legion of Honor and have served in zones of conflict). And to think these dumb ass lawyers are at the helm of our national policy and defense --GOD HELP THE UNITED STATES.

    1. I graduated from here 2 years ago. Graduated top 20% of the class. Secondary journal notes editor. I work in sales after not getting a whiff of a legal job after having passed the bar exam on the 1st try.

  40. I attend Tulane Law. It's a place for idiots who couldn't get their shit together.

  41. The OP thinks what they are paying Paul Barron is too much?

    What a loser. That's not a lot of money -- not a grand scheme of things.

    Now the cost of attending Tulane -- that is a lot of money when you are talking about students in their 20's.

    I went to Tulane Law School, and the education served me well. I've gotten a string of really good jobs through the years. That's all I have to say.

  42. To the piece of trash who posted on May 23, 2014 at 10:26 am,

    How long have you been blowing Paul Barron, bitch? The pig's salary comes from the taxpayers and student loans. Also, keep in mind that these academic thieves merely regurgitate the same parsed casebooks, along with some notes, each year. Apparently, you feel that this is worth the annual public investment of $286,000 for this one bastard.

    In the end, $286,000 is way too much compensation for someone who "works" 4-6 hours per week. Sitting in your law school office, while reading the Wall Street Journal and surfing the internet, is not productive. Now go back to moving your head up and down on Barron's little shaft, cockroach.

  43. Tulane Law School is a shithole. What's funny is that decades ago it was considered an elite school. (Think top ten law school.)

    It's really the only school that was a top ten school decades ago that is not still in the top ten. Now it's a piece of shit.

  44. Lot of people posting here must not be doing well and want to blame their failures on someone else. What a bunch of babies. The education I secured at TLS helped prepare me for a successful law career. I've had so many opportunities thrown my way because of my TLS degree. Some people here should realize that their issue is not with Tulane, but really with themselves.

    1. Shutup you little fucking dickhead, and get back to waxing my car. You have quite a few student loans to pay, you little piggy.

      You got greedy. Could've gotten a job as a sales rep, making 40-60k a year. Not great money, but money none the less.

      So you talked to daddy about a law degree. "I told you, I won't fund another degree!" Exclaimed daddy wearily.

      "I'll pay for it MYSELF daddy, it's no problem," you proclaimed. A year later, after countless rejection emails, you sit a classroom surrounded by other students, trying to decide which color of Mercedes to buy upon graduation. It is only a few years later that you realize you didn't pay a cent for law school, and that it was the $$$$ of student loans, which you must pay back.

      There is no job awaiting you. You are both under and over qualified. The lights are dim in your tiny one-bedroom shanty, as you try to tally up the number of blowjobs a week you must dole out to pay for your debt, worrying about your aging body and its diminishing returns.

      Tulane prepared you...FOR HELL. Which is why you are now washing and waxing my car. And when you finish with that go ahead and suck my fucking dick you little piggy.

  45. Lots of bitter people here. Funny thing is though I've been a lawyer for 35 years and know a ton from a host of law schools with crummy jobs ... including from ivy league school. I went to TLS and have had a string of great jobs. Clearly making anti-Tulane comments here are TLS grads who occupied the bottom quartile of their class. So what? Those types have a hard time getting good jobs regardless of where they attended law school.

  46. Don't blame the "industry" for your poor choices during law school.

    1. I suppose that I could have spent less time banging your girlfriend and sister during law school, but that was more fun than the actual subject matter. By the way, your sister gives great head. Now get a life, bitch.


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